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Helping hands through healing hearts... That's the motto of Project Nurture, an initiative created by Focus Schools of Columbus, Ohio. Many of the teens and young adults that attend Focus are young parents or guardians with the hope of creating a better life for themselves and the children they care for on a daily basis.


Many of our students have inspirational, courageous spirits as they balance the new responsibilities of parenthood with the rigors of financial freedom and the importance of gaining an education. Project Nurture aims to give each of these young people every opportunity to succeed by providing a ‘hand-up’ with some of the basic necessities of everyday life.

Whether it be a need for diapers, baby shampoo, clothing and any number of other simple items needed to properly care for their children, the goal of Project Nurture is to obtain these types of items for our students to help them on their journey to success.


Project Nurture has developed specialized educational programs to offer mentorship and living skills that go beyond child rearing. These studies require attendance protocols for credit and performance that are vital to student participation in Project Nurture.


Together with our neighbors and communities, Project Nurture continues to dedicate our time, talent, and treasure for a brighter tomorrow.


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