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​Facilitated through our Focus School locations, Project Nurture has emergency supplies on hand for child care necessities.

Healthy options are available to program recipents and are continually stocked thanks to generous donations from people just like  you.


Project Nurture together with Focus Schools and Mid-Ohio Food Bank partner regularly thoughout the year to distribute free fruits and vegitables to our young guardians, parents, and families. Updates on times and locations are posted frequently through our social media pages.


​There are numerous locations throughout Central Ohio where those wishing to donate items for use by Project Nurture can be delivered. For a regularly updated list of needed items and donation locations, please click here.


The Project Nurture family hosts an annual Christmas party for our young parents, guardians, and families at our various Focus School locations. These events provide a warm meal, social interaction, and of course gifts for our kids. Helping Hands Through Healing Hearts and Holiday Cheer!


The WHEPMom Project provides educational, emotional and financial support to mothers throughout their pregnancy. We also provide mentoring and support throughout the baby’s first year of life. Our goal is to help decrease infant mortality in Columbus by raising awareness on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and ways to reduce its risks while making life easier, cleaner and healthier for young moms in need.


Through a series of workshops, guest speakers, and one-on-one mentoring - Project Nurture works with young moms, dads, and guardians to coach them with a variety of life skills. These educational lessons are geared towards helping our young adults strike balance between work and home, while achieving their educational goals and developing productive skills for our community.


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